predictive text

predictive text

In this tutorial we are going to learn  about predictive text.    Predictive text or also known as quick type  predicts what you type while you are typing..

In other words as you type iOS tries  to predict what you are going to say and displays suggestions  baste on what you have typed.

When using predictive text   you can write sentences with a few double taps on the iOS keyboard. In other words instead of writing a whole sentence you can write half of the sentence and predictive text can  predict the last word of the sentence. iOS listens to your typing style  that includes if you are typing to your girlfriend, boss, or  co workers.

Predictive text also knows your text messaging style.  How ever you text either short and brief  and casual or formal  word predictions will show up  baste on your texting style.

Predictive text knows  what your  conversation is about.   Here is an example.  Suppose if some one asks you a question like how are you doing today?  Now before writing anything iOS already has some word predictions so instead of typing the word great just swipe to the prediction and  then double tap to insert it.   Here is how you use predictive text.  First open any app such as messages.  Start writing a message.  Next start swiping left or right  to find the word  prediction  that you want to insert in to the message.  Then double tap it to insert it.            If you want to disable predictive text  go to settings.  Then go to general.  After that go to keyboard.   Finally swipe to predictive and then double tap to turn it off.


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