Using FaceTime on the mac

We will now learn about how to use the FaceTime app. 

First to open the FaceTime app on the mac first  open the doc by pressing vo d. 

That is control option d. 

Next press the left or right arrow key to find the FaceTime app and press enter to open it. 

 Next when in the FaceTime app you will find the recents table. 

In this table you will find all the people that have called you.   When you vo right arrow through the app you will find the mist  radio button and the favorites radio button and the recents radio button. 

Next you can call a person back by going to the recents  table. 

In the table you can use the up and down arrow keys to find the caller you want to call back and press   vo space barbato selectthe caller. 


To end a FaceTime call just vo right arrow to the end button and press vo space bar on the end button. 

 If you want to access a contact quickly you can also type in the search field and search for a contact.  When some one face times you you can vo left arrow to the accept button and press vo space bar to accept the call. 

You can also decline the call by vo right arrowing to decline and then press vo space bar on the decline button.